4 Reasons why you should be looking at UniPrint

Even in this digital era printing is still a huge part of every day life within the modern workplace. Traditionally printing was simple, users would be located in the same office, at the same desk using a corporate desktop or laptop. However these days users are roaming between offices, they are using their own devices and IT infrastructure is centralised or in the cloud. This starts to pose challenges for IT Administrators when it comes to printing and add complexity to what was traditionally a simple to manage infrastructure component.

With the recent release of UniPrint Infinity Version 9.0 we would like to share with you the benefits this product can bring to your organisation. UniPrint Infinity is a single platform that enables organisations to:

  • Simplify the management of their existing printing estate
  • Virtualise print queues and provide a highly available platform
  • Consolidate the driver estate by moving to a single universal vdi friendly driver
  • Enable secure, mobile printing that integrate with your existing Mobility and Virtualisation solutions
  • Provide enhanced, enterprise security to prevent and audit what data is leaving your organisation via printed copies