Are you still using Citrix CSG? If so you could become stuck come January 2016…

Microsoft has announced that as of January 1st 2016 they will remove support for SHA1 certificate authorities from their root certificate programme. Essentially this will mean that any website accessed from a Microsoft Operating system that uses SHA1 certificates will no longer be trusted.

See TechNet Article:

What does this mean for Citrix Environments?

If you are providing remote access to your Citrix Environment via a NetScaler appliance (Virtual or Physical) you will simply need to upgrade your Certificate to a SHA2 (if it isn’t already) before the 1st January 2016.

If you are providing internal access via StoreFront or Web Interface using secure HTTPS you will also need to update the certificates on these servers. It is also recommended that you upgrade all your Citrix Receiver Clients to a version above 3.2 as previous versions do not support SHA2.

Unfortunately SHA2 Certificates are not supported on Citrix CSG deployments. You will therefore be required to upgrade to a NetScaler Access Gateway in order to maintain service.

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