Citrix ShareFile: File Check-Out

Some of you may or may not be aware of a new feature that has slipped its way into Citrix ShareFile. The ability to check files in and out. Those of us who use ShareFile for collaborating on projects with colleagues are bound to have had an instance where multiple users have uploaded or modified a file at the same time, resulting in a conflict and duplicate files.

The check in and check out feature of ShareFile requires file versioning to be enabled by an administrator on the account. If you do not have this option then contact ShareFile Customer Care to request the feature is enabled.

When working on a shared folder and you select a file to be “checked out” all other users who have access to that folder will be notified who has checked the file out and for how long. A file check-out will expire automatically after 24 hours. This prevents data from being permanently locked by users who check files out and never back in again. The Check-In and Out feature is currently available from both the ShareFile Web Application and the Desktop Sync Tool.

Check Out a File – Web Application

In order to check out a file, navigate to the file in question (you must have upload and download permission). Mouse over the drop down menu and select Check Out.

Citrix ShareFile Check Out


You will then be prompted to confirm you want to Check Out the file. Once the file has been checked out you will have 24 hours to check it back in. Only the user who has checked out the file can check it back in. However it is worth noting that an Administrator can cancel the Check Out request if required.

Citrix ShareFile Check Out

Check In a File – Web Application

The process for checking in a file is relatively straight forward. Navigate to the file in question and select “Check In” from the drop down menu.

Citrix ShareFile Check In

You will then be prompted to upload the file via the standard ShareFile upload dialog.