Support When you need it

Throughout the project lifecycle we are committed to working closely with your existing in-house teams to provide exceptional knowledge transfer and handover. However the constant introduction of new technologies means that keeping up with the depth and breadth of skills required by any organisation’s IT team is challenging, expensive and eats up time that could be better spent focusing on supporting the business through new projects and initiatives.

We work with you to identify those IT elements that you would like us to proactively manage on your behalf and those that you would wish to keep in house. Our support and managed services can work alongside your internal IT team to maintain your systems in the optimum condition. Our support contracts are bespoke and tailored to meet your individual requirements.

We believe that IT should be simple, enabling people to focus on the business outcomes. IT should be an enabler to help organisations meet strategic goals, not just considered tactically at an operational level. Depending on your organisations IT requirements, Virtual Workspaces are here to act as an extension to your existing team. Proving you with Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs, Increased Agility and most importantly Reduced Business Risk.