Virtual IT Director

More and more organisations are relying on the use of technology to help them grow and achieve their business goals. In many cases adopting the correct strategy, executing projects with scalability and forward thinking require a decision maker with a strong technical breadth as well as business acumen. Understanding of the technology is as important as the ability to consult with the wider stakeholder community in order to tailor any solution to meet the business requirements.

Within an organisation the IT Director or Chief Technical Officer would make these decisions. Their responsibility would be both providing guidance to the board as well as steering the operational teams in the direction that the business is required to move in. Most businesses do not have a person in this position, it is often that these decisions are being taken by individual departments or key stakeholders such as the financial director.

Recruiting for a member of staff to fulfil this role is a costly task, especially for small organisations or those where there is not an on-going IT requirement. Our experienced senior consultants are available to provide your business with the skills and experience of a senior IT director for a fraction of the price of a full time resource. The business will benefit from vastly reduced cost of ownership, and still enjoy the advantages of technical expertise, with industry knowledge and experience. Our goal is to work with your business, leveraging IT to assist in achieving your long term goals.

Our Virtual IT Director service is a cost effective service, you use only as much as you require depending on the circumstances; more when needs demand and less when times are quiet. We enable you to have the flexibility of ramping up the service, calling down or even terminating at any time without penalty.

Whats Involved?

  • Provide on-going strategic guidance to ensure that IT supports and enhances your business
  • Ownership of overall IT policy, direction and budgeting
  • Advice on existing environment and potential enhancement strategies
  • Regular audit and reporting functions
  • Management of relationships with third party suppliers
  • Presence at management and board meetings
  • Advice on software, hardware and licensing purchases
  • Telephone support for general questions / advisory
  • Unbiased opinion of your current situation and future plans

Interested in our Virtual IT Director Service? Want to know more? Our IT director service will offer independent advice and experience to your organisation. Contact us today to arrange a meeting with our highly qualified consultants.